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Ballingry, along with its neighbour Lochgelly, is one of Fife's 'regeneration areas' and is classed as in need of regeneration economically and socially.

Lochore is a former mining village. It takes its name from the nearby Loch Ore and is largely joined to the adjacent villages of Ballingry to the north and Crosshill to the south.

Crosshill, located just to the south of the village of Lochore, and to the east of Loch Ore.

Glencraig is a very small former mining village situated in Benarty between Crosshill and Lochgelly.

Lochgelly was a mining town and as with other former Fife mining towns & villages slipped into economic and social deprivation.

Just like the villages of Benarty, Kelty is a former coal mining village and is situated on the Fife/Kinross-shire boundary.

For many years, Kinglassie was a weaving village, but in the 19th and 20th centuries it developed as a mining village.